About Us

Print the Goods. We care, create and deliver

We deliver style and substance to an audience willing to explore creativity; the kind of people not willing to settle for the ordinary.  At Print The Goods, we believe that life is too short to settle for plain and drab. We are obsessively passionate about skill and innovation and our mission is to help people transform their pieces into aesthetically pleasing items.

We also allow our customers to generate their ideas and vision by customising an array of products such as Sweaters and T-Shirts, Baby Items, Household Items, Phone Cases, luggage tags, items for special occasions and more.

With each piece, we blend creativity, vision and imagination.

"We care, create and deliver."

Our Story...

Our brand was founded in 2018 by Rochelle a self-made creative director for Print the Goods.  She was that girl that seemed to have a flare for revolutionizing her fashion items. She always had a way to elevate them from the ordinary to extraordinary. “In my early teens, I would buy a pair of plain jeans and accessorise it with diamante or embroidery to be different. 
 In my early adulthood, I enjoyed going to prestigious nightclubs in central London and never wanted to dress the same as every other girl in the club and therefore would buy materials from a local South London textile shop, sketch a picture and give it to a dressmaker that lived a few doors from my home, to create.  Each time I created a unique piece, I would always get questions regarding where I made my purchase,” she adds.

Rochelle's vision was to create an online store where customers could personalise their items using the tools available, such as a variety of colours, fonts, materials etc.  Rochelle wanted to also offer further services, such as already made products and one of the key features being a collection of diamante designs for T-Shirts and Sweatshirts.

She now partners with an equally creative team to give customers a chance to customise their goods.  Rochelle now changes the way garments and other items speak to the people who own them.  She enjoys making designs and translating them on to garments and various other materials.

Print the Goods hopes to be the "comfortable go to place" for personalised products.